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Inspired Photo Shoot: An Urban Oasis at the Hog River Brewery in Hartford, Connecticut

A little recipe from the cookbook of all things dreamy and inspiring… First, gather a handful of creatives all equally excited to bring their talents together and collaborate. Next, find a unique venue that boasts the perfect setting for all the ideas in your head. Meet and giddily discuss the endless possibility for what can happen in said space. Finally, bring your talents to reality! When we first met at Hog River Brewery, we were elated to find this little…

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An Opulent Winter Inspired Shoot at Gedney Farm

At this time, we all may be getting a little tired of the cold weather. On this picture-perfect day, we could not have been happier with the snow covered grounds! At Gedney Farm, Jubilee Events and many other talented minds joined forces to create an opulent wintery setting, rich with texture–wood and fur being our top two choices. Mother Nature served the color white and we touched it up with more masculine tones of navy, burnt orange, charcoal, and silver.…

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Modern Mad Men Photo Shoot at The Study at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut

Let’s face it- we’re obsessed with Mad Men! We love to fawn over Don Draper and his suave demeanor. Or maybe you’re more of a Sterling fan. Either way, we can’t help but desire to be any of its bevy of characters for a day. At least, I know I would love to rummage through their closet and emerge as Christina Hendricks. We felt The Study at Yale in New Haven was the most befitting scene for this, with it’s…

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