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Top Five Halloween Entertaining Tips

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love dressing up so a holiday centered around costumes is right up my alley. Since I’ve long outgrown the ritual of trick-or-treating, I like to plan and host Halloween parties. Thinking up a clever costume is only half of what goes into throwing an amazing party. Here are some other important element: 1. Mood lighting: Is there anything better than candle light? The effect of these candle is so spooky-perfect for a…

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Friday Inspiration

Happy Friday, lovelies! We wanted you to take a moment during your planning and read this message. We know sometimes it can be hard to do with all the decisions being made and all the items on your to do list… but for today, take a moment, and enjoy it. xoxo!…

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Top Five Halloween Party Themes

I adore dressing up for Halloween, but I know not everyone does. This year, why not give your guests a break and place the emphasis on your party’s decor and design. Pick one of your favorite scary movies or TV shows and bring it to life in your home! We came up with some creepy party ideas based off our five most loved horror shows. 1. Carrie: Everyone will recognize the classic prom scene from this oldie but goodie. Make…

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Top Five Ways to Celebrate Fall

This morning I woke up to the unmistakable feeling of fall. The chilly air and the changing leaves get me thinking about how I love to celebrate the season. Fall is the perfect time to throw a party in your backyard. Invite friends and family over for comforting snacks, like mini sliders paired with fall beers. (I love any type of pumpkin ale!) Set out a stack of flannel blankets and light a bon fire for homemade S’mores. Anything apple…

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All Things Paper Paper Crush

Paper Crush: Guesterly, A One-of-a-Kind Magazine That Connects Your Guests

One thing we love at Jubilee Events is creating the perfect guest experience. We are always looking for little ways we can make our events more enjoyable for everyone, so we were thrilled to learn about guesterly. Founded by former magazine editor Rachel Hofstetter and her husband Lorne, guesterly is like a directory of your wedding guests. When we flipped through this gorgeous, magazine-style book we found customized photos and fun bios of everyone attending, special shout-outs to the grandparents…

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