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Food as Decor

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Let’s face it, food is fun and it is one of the most memorable aspects of your event. Brides are now looking for more ways to make the day reflective of their individual style and what guests eat is becoming one of the first places they look to do this. It is also an element that you are going to be including in your budget, so you should work with your caterer and confection designer to go a step above the expected. Build your menu as mini pieces of art-be creative! This can start with something as simple as the custom packaging of your treats down to the tray they are held on.

Custom Packaging:

Why not add a little extra flavor to your hors d’oeuvres and favors by wrapping up a late night snack in a personally stamped bag? Place a monogram from your invitation on a paper bag that hold hot cut French fries at the end of the evening. Go a step further and have a small bag stamped with the evening’s menu and sneak in a fresh baguette to go with dinner.

Pairing Your Favorites:

What’s not to love? Mini is a fun trend right now and guests would love a small bottle of your favorite libation to compliment a flavorful snack. Have a mini vanilla bourbon milkshake and cheeseburger slider to toast the night, or for a little more excitement, treat your attendants to a miniaturized Patron bottle and crisp fish taco. I’ll cheers to that!

Color Coordination:

Nothing warms my heart more than a display of French macaroons and cupcakes that compliment the party’s color scheme. Look to a food’s natural color for inspiration, but don’t be limited by this. Invite your guests to expect the unexpected! For a girls’ night, feature pink jello shots topped with gold sprinkles. It’s fun filled and glamorous!


Cocktail hour can be neglected since it’s such a small portion of the reception. Still, you will be including fare for all to enjoy and this is an area to have fun. Start with something basic: you are going to have a bar at your event full of your favorite spirits, but instead of leaving your guests in a line, feature a tailgate for everyone to help themselves. This leaves room for your guests to interact and enjoy your venue.

Think of a way to display your selections that would spark some interest amongst your guests. A tray that passes through the crowd doesn’t give everyone enough time to enjoy the array, only the taste. Featuring shelving units that display your mini caprese salads, macaroni and cheese bites, and tomato soup shooters allows everyone to experience what night has to offer. It also leaves them talking about your event for months!


If you didn’t automatically fall in love with Ali and Max when you saw their Tennessee BBQ rehearsal dinner, get ready to. Their wedding at the Wee Burn Beach Club in Rowayton, CT, was an affair that we won’t soon forget. Ali’s high-styled preppy look was the perfect jumping off point for the design. We love the neutral color and the bright, bold pop of red, which showed up in the calligraphy, the wedding party’s attire and wrapped around the bouquets. Carla Ten Eyck captured the day and all its perfection. See all the pretty details below.

















One of our favorite moments from the day was when Ali and Max snuck away to dig up a bottle of bourbon they had buried in the sand one month earlier. It’s said that doing so will ensure good weather on the wedding day. It must have worked because that day was absolutely perfect! It took them a while to find the bottle, but we loved how serious they both were about all the digging!







Vendor Reel
Photography: Carla Ten Eyck
Venue : Wee Burn Beach Club, Rowayton, CT
Stationery: Gus and Ruby
Makeup: Jennie Fresa
Hair: Lanphier
Cake: Palmers
Florist: Elegant Effects


I’ve always considered balloons your standard, go-to birthday party decoration, but recently I’ve been seeing them used in exciting new ways. When done right, balloon decor can be very sophisticated and fresh. For example, by changing their size you can create a whole new look. Don’t you think miniature versions are darling on top of a cake?

Make a statement with metallic mylar letter balloons, tie them up with festive ribbon or streamers or fix them to a wall to create a backdrop. Balloons are also an easy way to add color and texture to your event. Go glam with clear balloons tied with gold ribbon, or sophisticated with a simple black and white design. I think the effect can be very uplifting!

1. via 2. via One and Only Paris Photography 3. via Martha Stewart 4. via Pinterest 5. via Martha Stewart


photo by Cynthia Brown

Today I want to introduce myself to you. I’ve been blogging a lot here about my favorite ideas for parties and I’ve been working with a lot of our brides to finalize all sorts of details. But if you haven’t met me yet, I hope we’ll have the chance soon!

I started working with Jubilee Events last year. It was an action packed one, full of the most beautiful weddings for the most exciting couples. I had an amazing time and learned a ton-Candice and Diana are hands down two of the best teachers a girl starting out in this industry can ask for.

This year, I’m taking on my own events and I’m really looking forward to all the planning that’s ahead. To help you get to know me a little better, I thought I’d share my top five favorite things about party planning. There’s so much that goes into making an event just right that I had a hard time narrowing them down!










1. Having Fun with Desserts – There is a Julia Child quote floating around Pinterest that I love. She says, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” It’s probably pinned on half my boards because I love it so much. Dessert is the part of every event that I look forward to. But more than eating dessert, I love to design dessert displays. A well-curated arrangement of sweets can easily become the centerpiece of a party. How can you not love looking at fluffy buttercream cakes perched high on stands and rows of creamy, frosted treats? My sweet tooth is pretty big, but there are some times that I find desserts almost too good to eat…almost!

2. Seeing Good Friends Gather – Friendships are so important to me. I have friends up and down the East Coast and I try so hard to keep in touch with them all. Parties-big and small-have been my best excuse to see everyone. After all, you can’t have a party without friends. I’m always honored to have the opportunity to help others make these connections at their own parties, whether that means working on the guest list or sending out invitations. When I see distant family members and friends reunite at an event and everyone is enjoying themselves, I feel like I have done my job.

3. Kicking off Cocktail Hour – To me, the start of a party is the most important. It’s where you make your first impression on guests and set the tone for what’s to come. Cocktail hour is not just for weddings-every gathering needs an allotted time for people to arrive and get settled. This is one of the most exciting parts of any party and I love watching people discover all the fun elements of the event and what the rest of the night has in store.

4. Thinking Creatively – I’m constantly challenging myself to think differently. Whether I’m planning a party, decorating my house or just picking out an outfit, I strive to never settle for something ordinary or expected. I’m a master at repurposing items for something other than their intended use-which works out well because I never throw anything away. All the cake stands I used to hold flowers at my wedding now display jewelry and books on my shelves. I have yet to actually serve a cake on one!

5. Focusing on the Details – A party just wouldn’t be a party if it weren’t for the endless amount of details that are involved. From creating custom printed cocktail napkins to managing vendor contracts, there are a lot of little things to get done. I love seeing these elements come together-yes, even the paperwork. And I pride myself on doing them right. After all, I used to be a magazine editor so I’m used to going through things with a fine-toothed comb.


1. via Pinterest?2. via Pinterest?3. photo by Cynthia Brown 4. photo by Cynthia Brown 5. via BHLDN


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Friday Inspiration

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we can’t help but agree. we suggest wearing some sequin to breakfast, ladies! may you have a sparkly weekend. xo

I can think of two words that adequately describe how spectacular Ali and Max’s barbeque rehearsal dinner was: Bacon centerpieces. Of course, I can think of several others to describe the event we helped plan for this genuine, sweet and utterly in love couple, but those are two of my favorites.

Having the opportunity to help Ali and Max plan their rehearsal dinner was such a treat. We love to step away from the frills and formalities of planning a wedding to work on a smaller, more intimate event. This gives us the opportunity to learn their stories and translate them into details at a special dinner for their closest family members and friends. For Ali and Max this meant a laid back barbeque at the bride’s childhood home in Darien, CT, inspired by the time they spent living in Tennessee. Ali and Max picked some of their favorite Southern elements to share with their guests: A hay bale lounge, a bourbon bar stocked with the groom’s favorite spirits, and buckets and buckets of bacon for guests to enjoy.

We are so thrilled that we were able to share this special day with Ali and Max. If you can believe it, the wedding that followed was filled with even more love and excitement and we’ll be sharing those photos with you next!

















Photography: Carla Ten Eyck

Transportation: Premier Limo

Catering: Bobby Q’s

Florist: Elegant Effects

Paper: Coral Pheasant

Lighting/Tent: Sperry Tents

Musician/ DJ: Tin Pan Band

Rental Company: Party Rental Ltd. & New England Country Rentals

We spent a lot of time thinking about weddings, but we absolutely love an opportunity to plan one of the exciting events that takes place leading up to the big day—the bridal shower! When it comes to showers there are so many different directions you can go in. Why not plan something a little unexpected? These are our five favorite ideas for fun and refreshing summer bridal shower.


1. Wine Tasting Brunch (Photos by Alyse French Photography) Thinking about a wine-themed shower? Kick it up a notch by adding in a surprise tasting for the bride and her guests. Serve small flights of local wines, including my personal favorite, Stone Table Red from Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington.
2. Lingerie Shopping Night (Photo by Sarah Yates) Put a new spin on the traditional lingerie shower by inviting the bride to a night out at one of her favorite lingerie boutiques. Treat the guest of honor to a little something lacy, and while you’re at it pick out something for yourself! Check into Sugar Cookies in NYC and Beneath The Gown in Clinton, CT.
3. Backyard Lobster Bake (Photo via Pinterest) It’s practically a sin to live in New England and not indulge in rich, buttery seafood every chance you get! The laid back atmosphere at this shower will bring guests together and get everyone excited for wedding day festivities.
4. Retro Cocktail Party (Photo by Raw Photo Design) Who says showers must be limited to the ladies? Invite couples to a swinging cocktail party that mimics the age when skirts were fuller and Manhattans were the cocktail du jour.
5. Summer Pool Party (Photo by Aaron Pinkston) Channel your inner kid at a pool party honoring the bride-to-be. Spend the afternoon sipping frozen cocktails and working on your wedding day tan. Essentials: Extra SPF and these adorable floating flamingo drink holders!