My story with Jubilee Events began back in 2009 while I was a young 21 attending the University of Connecticut. I didn’t major in event planning as that wasn’t even an option back then, but I did chair a committee that hosted a number of events for the entire campus community, so planning for an array of people is my kind of thing. Understanding who my clients are allows me to not only build a design and wedding day custom to their story, but it allows me to develop their planning process to fit them and their needs best!

As is the case when you’ve had the opportunity to achieve so much within a position of your life, it’s also been tremendously rewarding to see the growth that has developed over the years. Looking back at where my first event design began to where they are now is fulfilling, to say the least, because not only do you realize how much trends have changed, you also can’t help but notice how many unique stories and families you have been a part of. I am currently obsessed with the creative color palettes my couples and I are collaborating on. If I don't input them into a design, then I will find a room in my house to create around them! 

Now outside of the wonderful world of events, I am always active! I love to travel and am very lucky that my partner-in-crime and in life is an equal lover of spontaneous road trips. We've trekked from north to the southern most point of Mile 0 in Key West, and all the way west to the Glamis Sand Dunes of Cali! Even with those miles behind us, we still have so much to see!

We share a love of our blue nose pittie, Jack, along with Fred and Ruby, our two rescue mutts with the most infectious personalities. Side note: dogs are always my favorite guest at a wedding and ones we openly invite! When we aren’t taking trips with our matching RayBans (the guy, the pups, and myself), we are designing our new home – which in theory means I am pouring over curtains and photo arrangements while he is building us a pond. We have our hobbies!!

Hi, I’m diana chouinard

quiz results

1. Favorite Cocktail

Buffalo Margarita 

2. Guilty Pleasure

Watching Jersey Shore & Vanderpump Rules … does it count if I don’t feel guilty about any of it? 

3. I can't live without....

a good laugh and a solid night’s sleep

4. I'm always asking Alexa to play....

a variety of songs – from Bruno to MJ, classic rock to 90s hits- even Broadway musicals. Alexa never knows which way it’s going to go!

5. My favorite moment at every wedding is...

when dancing opens up. Music is something that just brings everyone together 

6. My spirit animal is....

my cousin Chloe
(she has never met a dessert she cannot take on)

7. My go-to party outfit always is....

whatever the mood calls for! 
My favorite cocktail recipe
Buffalo Margarita 

Famously donned by Ted’s Montana Grill, but easy to make in your kitchen (or a friend’s!)



1. 3 parts Gin (yes, gin!!)

2. 1 part cointreau

3. Homemade sour mix (a little lemon, a little lime, simple syrup, and egg whites – yes you read that correctly. It makes a delightful froth on top)

Shake with ice, strain and pour over new ice so as not to have your drink watered down. Helpful tip: before putting the drink in your glass, use a lime wedge around the edge of your glass to garnish with sugar or salt.