event manager

My name is Julia and I have been planning events/parties for my family all my life. I recently got married to my husband in 2021 with a destination wedding in South Carolina with our closest family and friends. Unfortunately, our two precious cats (Captain Hook and Peter Pan) could not make the trip but they were there in spirit. We shared our vows under a beautiful oak tree with Spanish moss hanging all around us on the most perfect Fall day. Our family and friends joined us while we committed to life together forever. Every moment was a dream, to the horse drawn carriage, to the field of sheep. We celebrated and danced the night away on the dance floor. Just thinking about that wonderful day brings tears to my eyes. To be able to bring all of the closest people in our lives together in one place was just a incredible. I continue to look back at those pictures and memories routinely because it reminds me of how blessed I am to have had everyone there and that we continue to have all this love and support around us.

We have since bought a new home in CT and adopted both Olivia and her puppy Charles whom we love dearly. After having the wedding of our dreams I decided I wanted to start a career in the wedding industry and start taking what I love and making it a permanent part of my life. When I found out that Jubilee Events was looking for assistant planners I just knew it was the perfect fit. I have learned so much from Diana and our team and will continue to grow everyday working with this amazing organization.

I love every moment of getting to be a part of a couples wedding day. Every couple is different and every family deserves to have a memorable day together with the people they love the most. I am here to help you create a day that you will cherish for a lifetime. This is my passion. I hope we have the honor of being part of your dream day.



Favorite part of weddings...

If time, money, & distance were no object, I would spend a day off

A little more about me...

Getting your closest family and friends together for one day you’ll remember for a lifetime. That one song that gets everyone on the dance floor together where everyone celebrates together as one with pure joy and happiness.

 with my close family and friends including all of our fur babies. Every chance I get I want to spend with the people I love, does not matter where we are as long as we are together.


My guilty pleasure is shopping online, telling myself I don’t need it and then proceeding to buy the whole store.

#1 song request for the dance floor is:

"Can’t stop the Feeling" -  Justin Timberlake. This upbeat song gives you that feeling to get up on your feet and just dance it out!

Favorite things to do with friends on the weekend

1. Bringing your friends together on a slightly chilly fall night,

surrounding a fire pit, catching up while eating tasty treats and drinking some warm hard cider.



Even if it always ends up becoming too competitive.