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May 9, 2010

Costa Rica: Behind the Scenes — Shoot One!

In case you haven’t been following along, you can check out our behind the scenes post number one and two for more information on who, what when and where. These pictures are  compilation of talent that makes up the Carla Ten Eyck team. Our first shoot for the amazing began out at Playa Hermosa with our tablescape and ceremony set-up. Big shout out to our set up crew Diana, Tony, Susannah and Erica for all your hard work and sweat!  And if anyone is curious, this is what the temperature read when Mark dropped us off:

How’s that for hot? You might be able to get a peek at Larry’s dashboard there. He’s already had it replaced once!

Didn’t I tell you this spot was awesome? We had so many ideas for it, but as with most shoots, you never really know if your ideas are going to work or not. We had envisioned draped fabric between the trees like a canopy, filled with greens and interesting leaves that we cut down ourselves in the rain forest… Oh man, it was going to be so gorgeous!!! But nope, mother nature had other plans. And it’s called wind! I will always remember Larry saying to us, “Wow, this is so unusual. It’s NEVER windy here!” Figures. So we improvised!

We also planned on building a four posted structure for the ceremony. It was also going to be swaddled in fabric. Can’t you see it blowing in the LIGHT breeze, whimsical, simple and elegant? NOPE. First of all, we forgot a mallet to hammer it into the ground. Second of all, there is NO way it would stay. That thing was going to take flight!!! So what did we do? Improvised. Check out Tony below making it happen… because that’s what he does!

So much of what we do is planned, yet our best ideas are usually the ones that are not. Here is the team hard at work improvising and creating things on site.

Meanwhile… back at Los Suenos

The talented DD Nickel was on all the beauty of our gorgeous model, Michelle and bridesmaid, Magan. We hadn’t worked with DD before this trip but let me tell you, she fit right in. We love her! She’s the kind of artist that does her own thing and pays attention to detail. She understood our overall vision and then added her two cents, which is just how we like it!

Then our amazing crew and models arrived and it was down to business! We got changed out of our sweaty, gross clothes so we could sweat and be gross in some new ones. And also so we could make like we were guests!

Our amazing Carla Ten Eyck pack with Buzz Media in there too!

It’s hard NOT to smile when you see what’s inside Carla’s camera. And she always comes in with the sneak peeks!!!

Mrs. Beth Chapman from The White Dress by the Shore who single handily makes sure our models look amazing at every shoot!

This may be my favorite picture of all time. Carl Lewis with the sneak attack on Poop Shoe’s towel…. bloop!

This was one of the last shots of the day… mid afternoon… the skies just opened up and it started to POUR. I guess rain follows us where ever we go. There was a mad dash to get everything cleaned up and out of sight before the rain subsided. What do you do after a long day of set up and shooting in the open Costa Rican sun? Well, besides get your self a cocktail….

more to come… ! xo

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