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The images from Stella & Brian's wedding remind us of this fun, family-oriented, vibrant, jubilant, humorous, loving, and special day. Stella and Brian put so much thought into their wedding. I mean, they really thought about what they wanted this day to be. It wasn’t just beautiful to the eyes– it was beautiful to the heart.

They incorporated both their unique heritages in so many ways– and one of my favorite elements of this day was the “family tree” they were married alongside, which had pictures of those important marriages who came before them. After the ceremony, the took an impromptu polaroid of themselves with their guests seated as a backdrop, and added the image to an empty frame to complete the tree. It was so moving and unique!

stella & brian

whimsical outdoor wedding at

Images courtesy Carla Ten Eyck Photography

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Antoine de Saint-Exupery