PURVEYORS of parties

We believe in celebrating life’s milestones and nothing pulls at our heartstrings more than seeing a love story between two people culminate amongst their family and friends. It is truly our affection for love stories, families, celebrations, details and our clients that creatively inspire us.

The truth is, life is just a series of moments spent with those we love. Our job at Jubilee Events is to help you celebrate those moments (and throw the party of the year, of course!).

We are best known for our broad range of eclectic, sophisticated styles: from elegant dinners on the farm to dramatic tented affairs. We are young, stylish, creative, artistic, and fun – and love to infuse that energy into every event we do!

we're known as the

We believe in beautiful, fun, and well-designed parties.


a jubilee event?

That’s a great question! Over the many years we have been in business, we’ve developed a signature style to our events that clients continuously hire us for. Our events are fun, engaging, meaningful, detailed, styled and most importantly, a reflection you. The meaning of  JUBILEE is summarized as a joyful season or occasion of celebration– and that is the energy we infuse into your wedding or event!

We also provide a one-of-a-kind, luxury planning experience. We believe that the experience of planning your event is as important as the day, and our goal is to make it fun, exciting and enjoyable!

We offer you a variety of services, including the full experience have having a wedding planner and designer create an unparalleled wedding weekend for you and your guests. We are with you every step of the way in curating a unique experience for those you love the most.

If you made it this far, or skipped ahead on our process, just know that every Jubilee Event begins and ends with #turnuptime.

so, what is

Our approach to the planning and design process begins with you. Your story. What you love. What YOU want. We celebrate the unique life stories of our clients and create parties that are truly one-of-a-kind in both experience and style.

our core values

The experience your guests have when they open your invitation. The experience you have in selecting it. The sounds, scents, and visual manifestations of your style all matter. We are committed and focused on experience-- both for your party, and the experience you have planning it.

No matter the occasion, we believe that all of life's moments are worth celebrating. We strive to create parties that are not only fun, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind-- but also celebrate the moments in your life that truly matter.

life's moments are worth celebrating
every client, and their event, is unique
experience matters