My story with Jubilee Events began back in 2009 while I was a young 21 attending the University of Connecticut. I didn’t major in event planning as that wasn’t even an option back then, but I did chair a committee that hosted a number of events for the entire campus community, so planning for an array of people is my kind of thing. I'm outgoing but I'll always be on the reserved side when you first meet me in a social setting, because I like to observe and learn. People watching is a favorite past (and present!) time. 

As is the case when you’ve had the opportunity to achieve so much within a position of your life, it’s been tremendously rewarding to see the growth that has developed over the years. Looking back at where my first event design began to where they are now is fulfilling, to say the least, because not only do you realize how much trends have changed, you also can’t help but notice how many unique stories and families you have been a part of. I love how much fun my couples have with their fashion and dessert spreads, and I cannot get enough of their loved ones that we meet during their weekend.

Outside of the wonderful world of events, I am always active! I love to travel and am very lucky that my husband is an equal lover of spontaneous road trips. We've trekked from north to the southern most point of Mile 0 in Key West, and all the way west to the Glamis Sand Dunes of Cali! Even with those miles behind us, we still have so much to see! We share a love of our blue nose pittie, Jack, along with Fred and Ruby, our two rescue mutts with the most infectious personalities. Side note: dogs are always my favorite guest at a wedding and ones we openly invite!

When we aren’t taking trips with our matching RayBans (the guy, the pups, and myself), we are designing our new home – which in theory means I am pouring over curtains and photo arrangements while he is building us a pond. We have our hobbies!!

Hi, I’m diana Sullivan

A little more about me...

Favorite part of weddings...

Without a doubt, it's when dancing kicks off. I find music to be another language and I love seeing what speaks to my couples. I also love seeing people just be themselves. Everyone is so uninhibited during dancing, even if they prefer to sit and watch with fevered excitement. 

If time, money, & distance were no object, I would spend a day off

Having a Sunday Fun Day! My favorite past time during my 20s was a Sunday Fun Day with my best friend. We ate, we drank, and just hung out, chatting about anything and everything. In my 30s, I share more Sunday Fun Days with my husband, where we explore downtown Festivities based on the time of year, hike, take a day trip, or just hang out in the yard with the dogs. 


Rewatching TV series that I love. Some from my high school/ college days and others more recent. I like going back to see what I may have missed the first time around. 

#1 song request for the dance floor is:

Since "September" is always a definite, it is my FAVORITE mashup from DJ Eko, which is a "Yellow Diamonds/ I Wanna Dance with Somebody" Rihanna and Whitney mashup. 

favorite memories from our weddings 


This crowd was ready to dance! It was a home wedding, so we had ample time to lend to music that night, and, boy, did we take advantage. Not once in three hours did I see anyone sitting, no matter the age, no matter the song, which was probably the best part. The utter joy at the end of the night from the couple and guests who said it was the best wedding and event they had ever been to was the greatest gift! 

2. AUGUST 2020

The first wedding since Covid struck. 2020 was a doozy of a year, with a heavy overflow to 2021. Still, this wedding was the first since we had lost out on so many and I'll never forget my couple's faces seeing their tent. They knew being able to celebrate themselves was the best part of all of it, and every guest present felt the same way, which only magnified the absolute joy surrounding us. 

3. AUGUST 2015

It seems like August is a lucky month! This wedding and family solidified everything I love about events, and still continues to emphasize that for me. Aside from the design and perfect weather that day, it gave us connection, an extension of our family by way of the couple and their families, and we'll be forever grateful