Jubilee Events Featured in the 2015 Issue of Bliss Celebrations Guide!


We are so thrilled to have THREE features in the newest issue of Bliss Celebrations Guide! Thank you to the team at this wonderful publication for raising the bar on event inspiration– and be sure to check out our Real Wedding by Owner and Creative Director Candice Coppola and two Editorial Photoshoots by Diana Chouinard and Libby Basile. The best part is you can view the entire magazine online but we recommend buying a copy, too. Happy Thursday! x

Gem Themed Bat Mitzvah Inspiration Shoot at the ProvidenceG Building, Providence, RI

As you know, we absolutely adore weddings but we also love to plan special events and parties for younger clients. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs can be some of the most exciting events for teens and their guests, so we recently decided to take on the challenge of creating an absolutely, over-the-top, party that would make any teen girl swoon. Naturally, we looked to her most coveted place for inspiration—her jewelry box. We brought to life an event that is youthful, fun and playful but is still sophisticated and grown up—after all this is the celebration of a girl’s coming of age. Big, bright, sparkly gemstones were the perfect way to celebrate this milestone achievement! After all, no girl—young or old—can resist precious gems!

The design for our story centers around a delicious, multi-colored Kate Spade necklace in brilliant shades of aquamarine, pink, bright lavender, yellow, ruby and emerald. I loved the colors right away because they were bright and youthful—a different take on traditional gem tones. We kept these colors consistent through the entire shoot by bringing them into fun details like the fashion, the lighting and custom bar panels.

We kept the décor witty and playful. A white sequin linen from La Tavola and over-sized floral gems created by Green Dahlia lent a fresh look to the table. Each placesetting was set with individual jewelry boxes that doubled as placecards and diamond-shaped menus designed by Coral Pheasant Stationery. Above the table, Ryan Designs hung five custom-painted chandeliers in eye-catching colors, inspired by the Kate Spade necklace, that helped make our dinner setting all the more fit for a group of girls.

Gem-inspired mocktails, like the Ruby Cooler and the Diamond Fizz, were served up at our Bauble Bar, which featured custom designed gem panels. In addition to refreshments, the girls were also invited to the bar to try on a little something sparkly to take home with them.

We also created a lounge area using beautiful iron daybeds from Ryan Designs and pink mylar letter balloons that spelled out the name of our guest of honor.

Finally, the sweet selection consisted of a stunning tiered cake from Erica O’Brien Cake Design, which featured handmade fondant gem and stud details, and divinely sinful gem shaped sugar cookies from Taste by Spellbound.











Credit Reel

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck, Carla Ten Eyck Photography
Creative Direction: Libby Basile, Jubilee Events
Floral Design: Cat Epright, Green Dahlia
Fashion Styling: Beth Chapman, The White Dress by the Shore
Paper: Nichole Michel, Coral Pheasant Stationery + Design
Cake: Erica O’Brien, Erica O’Brien Cake Design
Sweets: Miriam Hope, Taste by Spellbound
Beauty: dd Nickel
Hair: Jennie Kay Beauty
Rentals: La Tavola and Rentals Unlimited
Lighting, Bar and Day Beds: Ryan Designs
Location: Providence G Building, Providence, RI
Fashion Credits: Dresses: Lula Kate

A Jubilee Event: Bliss 2014 Cover Shoot Inspired by Stripes & Pineapples at The Loading Dock, Stamford CT

As one of our favorite publications, Bliss Celebrations Magazine, prepares to launch its 2015 issue this week, I thought we ought to blog our photoshoot for their 2014 cover! I know– how belated– right? Well the truth is, every time I sat down to blog all this gorgeousness I got overwhelmed by the vast number of beautiful images from Carla Ten Eyck and all the pretty details we put together with the best team. No, seriously. I tried and tried, but looking through these hundreds of pictures I couldn’t figure out where to start!

The concept for this photoshoot was from a white and gold t-shirt I bought at j.crew with pineapples on it. Then, I found myself flipping through InStyle Magazine and saw the most preciously branded cans of sangria. Don’t ask me how we managed to pull off such a fabulous photoshoot from those two sources of inspiration– but this will go down as one of my absolute favorite collaborations with a team of wedding creatives who pour every ounce of their energy into making something beautiful!

That is the best part about doing these editorial photoshoots– the creative team. I always find myself leaving, with my car bursting at the seems with props (which were neatly packed on the way there, but somehow, nothing seems to fit back the way you had it the first time!), feeling utterly fulfilled and down-right awestruck at the level of talent I’ve managed to find myself amongst. When I opened our company in 2007 I never thought for a million years our work would be featured, but even moreso, I never thought how a creative team such as this would bring such happiness into the soul of my career!

This shoot is filled with so much joyful prettiness, but there are some things I want to point out as my favorites. When I called Diane Guadett after showing her the inspiration and said, “what do you think of a floral table runner?”, she loved the idea. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would bring the mother of all floral table runners, filed with hundreds of vibrantly colored flowers. When she walked in, I think Carla Ten Eyck almost had a brain aneurysm. It was so fantastically gorgeous and over the top, yet in these images, feels so natural and wondrous.

There is no denying how much our company loves working with Nichole Michel of Coral Pheasant. Every project we have the opportunity to work on with her, be it with clients or photoshoots, she always blows us away. Nichole thinks about every meticulous detail as it relates to what she’s going to produce– and has the ability to see beyond what the inspiration is and make it her own. For this photoshoot she literally took my breath away. And then she showed up with all these quirky bits and pieces from her vast collection of estate sale winnings (she has the stamina to find cool stuff everywhere– the side of the road, in the dumpster, at some tag sale in your neighborhood– I can never understand how she gets so lucky! I only find baby cribs with 5 year old spit-up and old thigh masters) like the bronze candelabras and that animal figurine, which I embarrassingly don’t know what type of animal it is. For this paper story, she was on hand to style every frame that Carla took, and spent hours on the floor perfectly tweaking each piece of paper until she was happy with it.

We invited Rick of Emily’s Catering to be part of this shoot not only because we love him to pieces, but because he is doing some wonderful things with our clients’ events. He was food styling his heart out and did a tremendous job! Tracking down mini bottles of Makers Mark (Carla’s second aneurysm of the day), mini bottles of St. Germain and Don Julio. I respect Rick because he is a chef first, and a caterer second, always wanting to wow and impress our clients on any event we recommend him for.

My fashion partner in crime, Beth Chapman, never disappoints. She can put together any kind of style, from boho to Jackie O and it works. As with me, this photoshoot was intrinsically Beth: lady-like bows, stripes, pearls, big hair buns and rose colored cheeks. There is no fashion stylist in the state of Connecticut who has the foresight, dedication, and genuine passion for what she does.

Our friends at Ryan Designs provided these fabulous bars (which they built originally for us!) with bronze sequin fronts, the custom sequin chandeliers and the gorgeous crystal chandeliers above Libby’s dessert display. To say we love the team at Ryan Designs is an understatement. They are the best in the business and add so much beauty to our events– and we couldn’t do what we do without them. Plus, they are the kindest most genuine people you will ever come across.

I hope you enjoy these gorgeous images from Carla Ten Eyck below. It goes without saying how much we love working with her! :)
























































Photography: Carla Ten Eyck
Overall Shoot Design & Planning: Candice Coppola, Jubilee Events
Dessert Table Styling: Libby Basile, Jubilee Events
Bar Cart Styling: Diana Chouinard, Jubilee Events
Fashion Styling: Beth Chapman, The White Dress by the shore
Paper Story & Styling: Nichole Michel, Coral Pheasant
Makeup: Jennie Fresa
Hair: Catie Bane
Floral Design: Diane Guadett
Food Styling: Emily’s Catering
Bars & Chandeliers: Ryan Designs
Table, Chairs, Dessert Table, Book Shelf & Bar Backs: Luxe Event Rentals
Wedding Cake: Ana Parzych
Cookies & Cupcakes: Sweet Maria’s
French Macarons: Le Petit France
Linen: La Tavola Linen
Tableware: Party Rental Ltd.
Specialty Glassware: Juliska
Location: The Loading Dock, Stamford CT

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