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November 21, 2019

10 Seasonal Fall Dishes for your Connecticut Wedding

Fall is one of our favorite seasons around here. We love everything about Fall — the activities, the leaves changing, the cooler weather, the layering of our favorite clothes, but most of all, we love the food.
The Fall season inspires a lot of tasty dishes for your wedding, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites for every moment of your event.

1. SPIKED APPLE CIDER: Am I the only gal who eagerly awaits when the grocery store starts selling jugs of apple cider? Didn’t think so. One of our favorite ways to incorporate Fall into your menu is through an adult bev. Consider serving warm apple cider, spiked with your favorite bourbon, and garnished with a cinnamon stick. It’s sure to keep your guests warm (in more ways than one!).

2. BUTTERNUT SQUASH BISQUE SHOOTERS: Served hot or cold, these sweet + savory appetizers are perfect for cocktail hour. Serve them in a shot glass or a small cup

3. POUTINE STATION: Bring on the gravy! Bring on the cheese curds! Bring on the fries! A poutine station is delicious, hardy and perfect for treating your guests to an indulgence during cocktail hour — or a station for dinner if your wedding is more casual. From Canada? Then this food station is your birthright.
4. BEER FLIGHT STATION: If checking out the latest micro-brewery is your thing — bring your favorite breweries to your wedding by offering a beer flight station. You can even hire a Master Cicerone to educate your guests about the beers you’ve chosen, their finer nuances, and how they pair with your menu. Bougie.
5. BRING on the BREAD: Carbs don’t count in the Fall — it’s been scientifically proven. Have some fun with your dinner bread baskets by bringing in unique and hearty varieties.
6. MAC N’ CHEESE: OK, Mac n’ Cheese isn’t necessarily Fall — but remember, carbs don’t count. Serve up an adult version of this favorite childhood dish by adding an adult approved meat: bacon. In fact, we recommend bacon in nearly every dish you serve at your wedding.
7. PIZZA: Late night snacks are a thing and for a good reason. We all need a bite or two of something savory after partying all night. Your old fashion margarita pizza will always be a crowd-pleaser, but consider Falling up your late-night snack by serving something sweet + savory, like goat cheese and caramelized onion pizza.
8. CANDIED APPLES: Is it really Fall until you sink your teeth into a candied apple? Serve mini candied apples at a dessert station or passed around your party. You can even package these up and send them home with guests as favors.
9. APPLE DONUTS: I’m not really a donut kind of lady, but I will throw down one or two during the Fall. We love swapping out a wedding cake and doing something different. Apple donuts are a perfect substitute!
10: S’MORES BAR: Gather your guests ’round the goodness of marshmallows, chocolate, and nutty graham crackers. Memories are made around making s’ mores, and having a s’mores dessert station at your Fall wedding is the perfect way to cap off the night. Make it a ‘bar’ in your tent, or round up some chairs and a fire pit and go the old fashion route.

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