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March 18, 2020

Protecting Yourself with Wedding Insurance

It’s no secret that wedding insurance is a hot topic with us at Jubilee Events! We speak about a policy — rather insist on one — with every single one of our couples! You can track the evidence here and here. Your wedding day is a moment in your history that you invest so much in, both financially and emotionally! The best thing you can do is protect yourselves and your day.

What is Wedding Insurance and Do I Need It?

In the past, we used to only suggest it, especially after we celebrated a wedding smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy, but as years went on, we’ve lived through just about every type of scenario that could cause a wedding to be cancelled or postponed. Now, it’s the first step we manage with our clients once their date and venue are booked! Think about it: you insure the things you invest in, not only with your income, but with your time. Your home, your cars, your jewelry! These things carry value and meaning and your wedding day should fall under the same category.

In light of what’s currently happening in our world with COVID-19, we are seeing many couples being forced to postpone their wedding and modify their plans entirely. As overwhelming, stressful, and heartbreaking as it is, this serves as a wonderful example for how an insurance policy — especially a cancellation policy — has your back!

To answer our own question: YES! You do need wedding insurance, specifically a liability policy and a cancellation policy. Both protect you in different ways, but provide the same sense of protection you will need. All of those worst case scenarios, unexpected blunders, and mishaps that somehow just happen, insurance is there for you.

Where Should I Get Wedding Insurance?

We always recommend WedSafe to our couples, though we see many who add a policy under their home or auto insurance. The best thing we can advise here is to get a quote for both and make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. In our experience, a platform such as WedSafe specializes in the finer nuances of events, so their policies are a bit more robust for what you’ll need.

We know thinking about the not-so-fun things of planning can be, well, not-so-fun, but the best gift you can give yourself and your guests is the sense of protection, especially with a day that holds so much emotion and value already!

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out and ask us or the experts!! We’re all here to help!

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