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December 31, 2021

Our Favorite Moments from 2021 Weddings!

I’m not hesitant to say I’m happy to bid this year farewell but I’m not exactly shoving it out the door either. This year had a long list of positives! Many of these moments came from our 2021 weddings, something we’re keen on sharing with you here!

I’m sure it’s no secret by now that the 2021 wedding season was an uphill climb on the most treacherous mountain no matter which way you tried to trek it. There was a great deal of heartache, challenges that seemed insurmountable, and so.many.times where all we could say was, “WTF!!” Of course, the shortages are the cherry on top of this anguish sundae – not a flavor I’d like to try again, thank you!

There were also moments that made us stop and take it all in – even if all we were taking in was a half of a breath. There were days that made us grateful and experiences that made us better. We witnessed just as many smiles as we did happy tears, moments in time that will quite honestly live in my mind forever. I saved this one right here on our IG feed because I knew I wanted to look back on any chance I could get. Really, when I need it most!

Reliving our 2021 weddings through our images is a gift! Every time I pour over these moments, I catch something new that overwhelms my heart and makes me so thankful for our couples, their families, and our incredible vendor teams. The trust they’ve all instilled in us is a gift itself and one we don’t take lightly.

Enjoy the happiness and the sweet spots! Some of the coolest and greatest people we know are sprinkled throughout!

Photographer: Crystal Sullivan Photography

Photographer: Brooke Allison Photography

Photographer: Melanie Ruth Photography

Photographer: Jennifer Bach Photography

Photographer: Julia Jane Studios

Photographer: Keeley Abigail Photography

Photographer: Emily Kirke Photography

Photographer: Evergreen Weddings

Photographer: Maggie Conley Photography

Photographer: Robert Norman Photography

Photographer: Madison Abbey Photography

Photographer: Joanna Fisher Photography

Photographer: Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Photographer: Haley O’Callaghan Photography

Photographer: Sam Bufalo Photography

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