December 13, 2010

An Introduction…

So I’ve been working on this blog post for a while, thinking it had to be some sort of monumental event that this was my first real post. When I stepped back, I realized all of my favorite blogs are so enjoyable to read because people put their passion into words. You can read their energy and everything they love into the story they portray. The pictures, of course, assist in the excitement, but I feel like I’m living the day, not just reading about it! I’ve been with Jubilee Events now shortly more than a year. To put this experience into words is going to be contesting, but I’ll sort out all of the excitement and recapture it.

When I started off with this company, I was the intern. Like anyone, I was somewhat terrified because I wanted to impress Candice and all of her industry friends. I wanted them to see what I knew–I had found something that I loved to do and immerse myself in. Not many people are lucky enough to find that. I wanted to stay late, I wanted to do whatever I could do to help! I craved (and still do) the feelings of oncoming carpal tunnel from the endless emails sent out; I longed for the sore feet from spending hours in heels when working a ceremony and reception. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I’m tying ribbon, cutting and folding menus, alphabetizing escort cards, and rearranging chairs. Rereading this, I might be a bit nuts, but this is what floats my boat!

Quite frankly, I love weddings! I wanted to work more hours than existed in my day just to learn the ins and outs. I knew I had someone to model after and was learning from someone amazing, not just because she dresses so fashionably, is witty, and listens to Michael Jackson, but because she knows what she’s talking about. Candice is savvy and smart, so learning from her is a privilege! And let me tell you, the people she is friends with in this industry are AMAZING!!! I am so fortunate to know them and work with them! Even more so, I’ve been to new places with them.

Back in January, we traveled to New Orleans for a photoshoot! Whenever I hear a jazz band or watch the Saints (yes, I actually tuned into football more after this trip), I go back to the streets of NOLA and relive our shoot! In April we went to Costa Rica, which luckily enough we just returned from a few weeks ago! In April, we fought off lizards and humid driven hair–this time it was the raccoons going after any food we had and the pretty jewels Beth brought with her. They were full AND fashionable by the end of that day! Check out some behind the scenes here as well as pictures from shootsI and II! Looking at those pictures from our photoshoots, I’m reminded every time why I love this job so much. It’s not just meeting unique couples and hearing their story, but the creativity you explore and people you meet along the way.

In between all of those trips, we had weddings with some of the most beautiful couples with the coolest families and the most glamorous of days. Amanda and Brian, Allie and Jacob, Jessica and Frank, Danielle and John, Rose and David, Jill and Joseph, Saryn and David, Beth and Marco, Katherine and John, Anna and Matt, Sally and Oliver, Kelly and Paolo, Jennifer and Clark, Nichole and Tim, and Melissa and Peter–thank you for allowing me to be a part of each of your weddings. They were all so fun and so special! I wish you all every happiness and love that was present on your day!

As for now, well, I’m beyond thrilled to be able to share with all of you the weddings from 2011. I’m excited for our couples and all of the details unfolding for their day!! I hope to be able to bring you all stories about what we’re doing in between and all the great people we get the chance to work with! If this year was any indication as to what next year will bring, well then I’m waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square now! Hope everyone has a great holiday season!


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