One of the biggest honors in our role is seeing our couples through such a monumental day, no less the process leading up to it. We are alongside our couples experiencing a time in their lives and family history that will have great impact in their minds and hearts. This honor is deeply punctuated when a fellow creative asks you to be a part of her day, especially when she's surrounded by some of the greatest love and most talented humans you'll ever meet! 

Justine and Nolan were married in a place so special to them, and there wasn't a single element that wasn't completely wrapped up in love, joy, hearty laughter, and flowers. You can't have a Flowers by Justine wedding with blooms that make your heart stop and eyes well up! 

Justine & nolan

intimate, personal florida wedding

Images courtesy of Steve DePino

I want you, I need you, oh God
I need
These beautiful things that I've got