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July 23, 2008

Fabulous Find: Kate Spade Clutch @ 60% off!

katespade2.jpgSometimes grim, rainy mornings are the best mornings to get your to-do list accomplished. So, what was on my to-do list this morning, you ask? To research a new fabulous bag for myself! I’m leaning toward the Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM bag or a traditional Burberry handbag (I know there is a world of difference between them!) and during my search, I decided to hit up to see if they had any new inventory in their outlet section. No, I am not an advocate of renting a purse… because my motto is if you have to rent it, you still can’t afford it! I do enjoy their outlet section of never used or gently used hand bags. Why? Because the discount is amazing, the bags are in excellent shape, and it is a much better and safer alternative to eBay.

Regardless, the point of this post is to share with you the AMAZINGLY discounted “Olivia” clutch by Kate Spade in both chocolate and ivory. This clutch screams glam and is now super affordable to all of us regular folks (marked down 60%!). Enjoy, and happy buying!

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