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August 28, 2013

Food as Decor


Let’s face it, food is fun and it is one of the most memorable aspects of your event. Brides are now looking for more ways to make the day reflective of their individual style and what guests eat is becoming one of the first places they look to do this. It is also an element that you are going to be including in your budget, so you should work with your caterer and confection designer to go a step above the expected. Build your menu as mini pieces of art-be creative! This can start with something as simple as the custom packaging of your treats down to the tray they are held on.

Custom Packaging:

Why not add a little extra flavor to your hors d’oeuvres and favors by wrapping up a late night snack in a personally stamped bag? Place a monogram from your invitation on a paper bag that hold hot cut French fries at the end of the evening. Go a step further and have a small bag stamped with the evening’s menu and sneak in a fresh baguette to go with dinner.

Pairing Your Favorites:

What’s not to love? Mini is a fun trend right now and guests would love a small bottle of your favorite libation to compliment a flavorful snack. Have a mini vanilla bourbon milkshake and cheeseburger slider to toast the night, or for a little more excitement, treat your attendants to a miniaturized Patron bottle and crisp fish taco. I’ll cheers to that!

Color Coordination:

Nothing warms my heart more than a display of French macaroons and cupcakes that compliment the party’s color scheme. Look to a food’s natural color for inspiration, but don’t be limited by this. Invite your guests to expect the unexpected! For a girls’ night, feature pink jello shots topped with gold sprinkles. It’s fun filled and glamorous!


Cocktail hour can be neglected since it’s such a small portion of the reception. Still, you will be including fare for all to enjoy and this is an area to have fun. Start with something basic: you are going to have a bar at your event full of your favorite spirits, but instead of leaving your guests in a line, feature a tailgate for everyone to help themselves. This leaves room for your guests to interact and enjoy your venue.

Think of a way to display your selections that would spark some interest amongst your guests. A tray that passes through the crowd doesn’t give everyone enough time to enjoy the array, only the taste. Featuring shelving units that display your mini caprese salads, macaroni and cheese bites, and tomato soup shooters allows everyone to experience what night has to offer. It also leaves them talking about your event for months!


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