June 19, 2008

Giving Our Office a “Face Lift”

I believe in order to be creative and productive you need to surround yourself in an environment of creativity. Its so important to immerse yourself in an area that is conducive of work. You often find that your best work is done when your surroundings are clean and devoid of clutter. Often, we don’t have enough time to purge our offices of unnecessary clutter and items. But it is so important to make time, because the result can lead to rejuvenation of your enthusiasm and creativity.

I decided that our office needed an intervention! The desk I am using isn’t roomy enough and doesn’t offer the storage I need. My bookshelves are lined with hundreds of my favorite novels, magazines, and inspiration books. There were dust collectors, do-dads, and other various items that legitimately serve no purpose. And so, the great purge began!

pbdesk.jpgWith a little new paint, some rearranging of furniture and donation of old furniture to The Salvation Army, I was able to give my office a new look. I also bought into the Bedford Collection at Pottery Barn for my new work area. I’ve been courting this desk set for about two years and I’m thrilled to purchase it. I’m also looking into purchasing a ClosetMaid system from HomeDepot to better organize and maximize our closet space. Over the years, the tendency to accumulate paperwork is expected. I want to make sure that I have the proper storage to keep my paperwork filed and out of sight! I also plan to visit IKEA soon to purchase some new curtians, artwork, and office storage supplies. Once the office is finished I will be sure to post pictures!

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