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October 20, 2015

Incorporating A Theme Into Your Event

Is there anything more fun than a themed party? Well, maybe planning one! We recently had the opportunity to design a gem-themed bash for the latest issue of Bliss Celebrations. Picking a theme was the easy part—I spotted a bright, multi-colored Kate Spade statement necklace that was quite literally calling my name. From there I looked to the places guests would have the most interaction with at the party—from tangible things like food and paper items to bold visual installations that catch the eye. Remember, no detail is too small to be overlooked when it comes to designing. Read on for four thoughtful ways you can bring your theme to life.

Incorporating A Theme

Photography by Carla Ten Eyck

1. The Menu. Food and drink is one of the most important elements of any party, so naturally it’s a perfect place to include your theme. Cakes are the perfect blank canvas and ours, designed by Erica OBrien, became an edible version of the Kate Spade necklace we so lusted after. Consider signature cocktails, too! We spotlighted the Diamond Fizz, the Ruby Cooler and the Topaz Twist to really let guests drink it all in!

2. The Dress Code. Invite guests to dress the part! Make a playful suggestion on your invite. Something like “Sequins and Sparkles Encouraged,” is sure to inspire. Or consider providing a small accessory for partygoers upon arrival. Our gals, styled by Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore, sported solid-colored cocktail dresses in bright gem tones from LulaKate, and our party host added the actual gems—in lieu of a favor everyone was invited to select a piece of jewelry from the Bauble Bar.

3. Invites. Your theme should be evident from the moment the invites arrive in mailboxes. Bring elements of your design onto the inner and outer portions of the envelope to let guests know what they can expect from your event as soon as they pick it up. I love how Nichole of Coral Pheasant Stationery added faceted envelope liners and custom ring stamps for the RSVP card. Selecting lavender envelopes also helped introduce our bright and girly color story from the get-go.

4. Custom Decor. If your budget allows, look into installing some eye-catching décor or lighting over your dinner table that echo the event’s theme. We turned to our friends at Ryan Designs for their help and they responded with five custom painted gem-colored chandeliers. After all, a party designed around a statement necklace deserves its own statement lighting!


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