Mackenzie and Matt's summer Hamptons wedding was the quintessential Hamptons weekend you hope for! They had an absolutely perfect weekend, though it didn't look that way until the day before.

The week leading into their weekend was the one where New York was coated in the wildfire haze traveling down from Canada, covering the city in an apocalyptic cloud. The weekend became the definition of perfect, and knowing Mackenzie and Matt, it was no surprise that they had a day that exquisitely matched how amazing they are! Full of all of our favorite things (color, food, and the best dog!), this duo and day left a permanent mark on our hearts! 

mackenzie & matt

al fresco summer wedding

Images courtesy Joanna Fisher

And just like that, all I breathe, all I feel
You are all for me
Ellie goulding
katie & richard's wedding story by Lucent Wedding Films