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September 10, 2013

Paper Crush: Guesterly, A One-of-a-Kind Magazine That Connects Your Guests

One thing we love at Jubilee Events is creating the perfect guest experience. We are always looking for little ways we can make our events more enjoyable for everyone, so we were thrilled to learn about guesterly. Founded by former magazine editor Rachel Hofstetter and her husband Lorne, guesterly is like a directory of your wedding guests. When we flipped through this gorgeous, magazine-style book we found customized photos and fun bios of everyone attending, special shout-outs to the grandparents and all the details on how the happy couple met. One of our favorite sections: the seating chart lets people find out who they’ll be sitting with at dinner! (Isn’t that the tiny detail you’re always itching to find out when you are a wedding guest?) We love guesterly because it not only helps people create deeper connections and do some more meaningful networking, it’s a great way for couples to celebrate their guests. And it can be customized to reflect your wedding color scheme and match your existing paper suite. What more could you ask for?



Here’s how it works:
1. The couple uses guesterly’s custom software platform to quickly source photos.
2. Magazine editors – from places like Glamour, O, the Oprah Magazine, and Time – interview the couple to find out great stories about each guest. The editors then write fun bios based on the interview. (Or the couple can choose the guesterly Write-It-Yourself package.)
3. Magazine designers work with the couple to customize their guesterly’s design and create optional sections like programs, maps, where-to-eat guides, and table assignments.
4. Guesterly prints the magazine on heavy, archival paper, then mails a copy out to each guest a week before the event.


Guesterly packages start at $12 a book, with a minimum of 100; full-service packages start at $3,500. To learn more visit guesterly online.

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