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November 26, 2022

Small Business Saturday 2022

One of the things we’re most passionate about at Jubilee Events is supporting small businesses! Let’s face it: everyone included in our weddings and events is a small business!

You’ve heard the phrase before: every time you buy from a small business, someone does a happy dance. It’s true! When you purchase from a small company, you’re not paying for the beachside mansion for the CEO, who doesn’t know the names of his or her employees. You’re not allowing a higher-up to buy another car to add to their collection. A car that, let’s face it, we should be driving! Instead, you’re giving a little girl or boy the chance to take dance classes. You’re sending someone to college or putting food on someone’s table. You’re allowing them to take a day off to spend with their family and friends they haven’t seen in months because they’ve poured all their time, energy, and soul into their business. When you support a small business, you’re supporting the well-being of someone’s life. And it makes a great impact!

Every year we love to share a handful of companies we recommend you support and shop from for the holidays (and for all your gifting needs)! Below are SOME of our favorites. You’ll even see some ideas for supporting small businesses wherever you live!


Lavender & Pine Gifting

This company is responsible for gorgeous curated gifts and favors that can be tailored to location, price point, and your targeted receiver. We love using these for wedding favors, but they’re perfect for gifting to large groups! They’re incredible favors and are the most beautiful things to open!


Filly Rose

You may all remember Libby from past Jubilee Events. She’s still spreading incredible love and beauty in this world as she’s launched Filly Rose, a personalized bra-fitting specialist with all the most incredible undergarments to compliment. She’s changed my outlook on the necessities, and she’s even given me a little more confidence in myself. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until she came along!


Upstyle Co.

One of our favorite beauty teams and girl gangs ever has a great collection of hair care and beauty needs. I’m talkin’ things you never knew you needed but cannot live without!


Hartford Prints

This local CT small business is the best! I’m pretty sure I cleared them out of their greeting cards the last time I was there. They are packed with nostalgia and the best crew! Good news for travelers, too. They have a new stand in the Bradley Airport if you’re coming to visit!

CT small business with the best greeting cards

Image courtesy of Hartford Prints; greeting card by La Familia Green


Skin & Tonic and Jennie Fresa Beauty

Self-care is a NECESSITY! Whether you want to gift some love to someone in your life or yourself (hello, you’re important, too!), these ladies take care of the things that need taking care of. You couldn’t be in better hands. Literally!


The Denim Blonde

Our fav stylist and former bride started this line of the best, personalized loungewear, jackets, and more! She even carries incredible gift ideas for the bride, groom, or another VIP in your life. I have 3 items on order, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Image by Bethany Paige Photography


Shop Sweet Almond

One of our former brides and most trusted beauty gurus created this cuticle oil. You may be wondering what you could do with this, but one thing I believe with this product and many others our fellow small businesses and colleagues create is it’s all to better or enrich someone’s life. This product does just that, and it’s incredibly exciting to enjoy the small things that have a big impact!



We promised you some additional ideas no matter where you live, and this is one of our top picks! So many of the incredible artists we work with offer family sessions, maternity shoots, and so much more. These are great gifts to give or be a part of! After all, photos will be the one thing that lasts forever, next to the memories, of course!

Additionally, photographers at our events will produce as many as 850 – oftentimes more – photos, which are perfect to purchase for an album or purchase to gift as a large print.



Our second pick to consider! Many of our florists offer wreaths or arrangements for your holiday centerpieces. I will go on record saying these are the most magnificent things you’ll find, and they beat any chain-store-bought decor you’ll pick up! Between the potential colors, lush blooms or greenery, and perfect composition… *chef’s kiss* I know I can make the food look good, but they make people leave my house in awe!


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