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January 29, 2009

The Hottest Colors of Spring

Sweet! I can’t wait for spring and I know all of our spring brides are itching for a little inspiration. Pantone released its spring 2009 color report late last year and I have to say I am a bit surprised at the color choices. Fuscha Red, Salmon Rose, and Rose Dust round out the pinks (you can see our use of some of these colors in our recent Preppy in Pink color palate / design board). I absolutely LOVE Super Lemon and Lucite Green — yellow is going to be a hot color for 2009. Other colors include Palace Blue, Dark Citron, Lavender, Vibrant Green, and Slate Gray.

Which colors are your favorite and are you incorperating any of them into your fabulous fete? Please dish!

  1. I think it’s so interesting that this company basically dictates fashion trends for the coming season….good thing for me I love many of these colors :)

  2. Eric Foley says:

    Wow Candice, this site rocks! I love what your doing! I hope we get to work together soon, let’s collaborate.

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