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October 29, 2013

Top Five Halloween Entertaining Tips


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love dressing up so a holiday centered around costumes is right up my alley. Since I’ve long outgrown the ritual of trick-or-treating, I like to plan and host Halloween parties. Thinking up a clever costume is only half of what goes into throwing an amazing party. Here are some other important element:

1. Mood lighting: Is there anything better than candle light? The effect of these candle is so spooky-perfect for a Halloween party. Visit SMP Living for the wine bottle candle DIY, shot by Rebecca Hansen.

2. Treats: Candy is a given at any Halloween event, so why not dress it up in an adorable candy cracker likes these from Martha Stewart.

3. Table settings: I’m smitten with the Day of the Dead collection at Pottery Barn.

4. Cocktails: These little vials of blood orange shots from Martha Stewart sound equal parts creepy and delicious.

5. Pumpkins: Instead of carving scary faces, turn your pumpkin into something useful-a drink cooler. Martha Stewart does it again!

Happy Halloween, everyone! XOXO


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