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January 22, 2014

What’s Inspiring Me: Winter!

Living in New England, you have to appreciate the winter weather. I know some of you reading this are saying, “Absolutely not! Get me to a beach and let’s not speak of this weather until it’s at least 65 degrees!” I love it, though! I find the snow to be so beautiful and serene. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting Amee Farm and Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont, where I was surrounded by fresh powdered snow, foggy mountains to ski on, and all the inspiring details of winter. What a gorgeous location, too! Brides and grooms, look no further for the perfect setting for your big day. The hot chocolate and rustic fireplaces alone would make me run back instantly! Being there made everyone embrace winter, and not just the colder temperatures, but the feeling it creates.

No matter what age you are, the words “Snow Day” ignite a youthful feeling of no work and all play. Next time it snows, take advantage of it. Get into your pajamas, light the fire, and make a cup of hot cocoa, overflowing with marshmallows and whip cream. Watch the flakes fall or put on your snow boots and build a snowman and go sledding!

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