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April 23, 2018

3 Questions to Ask Your Caterer During Your Tasting

Crafting a wedding menu is one of the best parts about planning– especially if you’re a foodie! We’ve worked with a lot of couples on curating a unique and delicious menu for their Connecticut wedding. Most caterers will give you the opportunity to come in for a tasting. During the tasting, you’ll taste items you’ve selected for your wedding day menu to get your menu justright. It’s also an opportunity for the caterer to gauge your palette; what you like and dislike, and how you want everything from appetizers to desserts plated and displayed.

3 Questions to Ask Your Caterer During your Food Tasting

Photography via Martha Stewart Weddings. See Vanessa & Lauren’s wedding feature!

We love accompanying our wedding planning clients to their tastings. When your wedding planner attends, they ask the right questions. They also ensure you feel comfortable communicating your likes and dislikes! Regardless of whether your planner is joining you, here are 3 questions you should ask your caterer during your tasting:


3 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer During Your Tasting

1. What items are in season during our wedding date? These ingredients are sure to only enhance your menu in areas that some other items may fail to do, as they don’t carry the proper flavor during certain seasons. We’ve all eaten a tomato in winter only to discover it doesn’t taste quite like a tomato in the summer and fall!

2. What are your suggestions for something new or unique that most people haven’t experienced at a wedding before? It’s easy to offer traditional hors d’ouevres and entrees, but with some creativity, you can dress these up to be something special. We suggest that you start with drawing inspiration from the food dishes you love most. Think back to some of the most amazing meals you’ve ever had– that salad in Florence (I’m speaking from personal experience!), or that amazing dessert at a quaint restaurant in Newport. Your caterer can take inspiration from the dishes that you love and infuse them into your menu.

3. What is local to where we will be getting married? Perhaps you’re getting married on the Connecticut shoreline and you would like to feature a raw bar for your guests. Maybe you’re hosting your event on a working farm in Madison, Connecticut and want feature fresh herbs and vegetables grown and picked right on site. Trust your chefs to work with the location they are familiar with and know well as that will enhance the success of your menu.

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