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November 5, 2013

A Big Impact with Mini Food & Beverage Pairings!


We’ve touched upon food displays, but let’s dip into what you put on those displays. Not only should you have fun with the presentation, but also with what you’re serving as well! One way to do this is to marry your favorite spirit and guilty pleasure snack. What could better than a bourbon-spiked vanilla milkshake and fresh baked cookies on the side?

I took a little love from one of our favorites, Peter Callahan, and his creative genius of all things mini. Take inspiration from the timing of your event and the point at which you would like to feature these selections. For example, cocktail hour is the perfect time to offer a local ale with a mini pulled pork slider or hot dog. Late night is the best moment to share something sweet, like spiked hot chocolate and a munchkin, or?serve up a little something comforting, like mini pancakes and a sweet mimosa! It’s delicious, it’s cute, and very memorable!


  1. Peyton says:

    I am obsessed. All things mini- yes please! DIY mimosa bar with mini waffles or pancakes on the side? So perfect for an mid-morning wedding. And you cannot go wrong with a local beer and pulled pork slider for a southern wedding.

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