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July 9, 2009

A vintage hankie from Brass Paper Clip

The other day I was cruising to be inspired or find something we might need for our wedding. I love etsy because it supports local and national small businesses, artists, and craftsman and in my book, those are the best businesses to buy from!

I realized that I didn’t have a hankie to carry with me down the aisle. Neither of my grandmothers had hankies to loan and my mother didn’t have anything either, so I decided to purchase my own heirloom. I came across this really beautiful hankie from Brass Paper Clip which specialized in vintage items for brides. They have so many cute vintage purses, gloves, hankies, flowers…. heaven! I purchased a beautiful Schiffli Lace hankie and received it yesterday. The one thing that I absolutely love about most‘s shops is how personable and detail-minded the owners are — just look at how she packaged the hankie that I bought!

  1. Robin Dini says:

    LOVE IT! I know, the packaging the sellers use is so unique. The necklace that I bought recently was resting in a nest of shredded paper that was from an old vintage book. It’s so pretty, I store it in the same box :)

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