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Costa Rica: Behind-the-Scenes Part I

After our New Orleans photo shoot, and MMH Marketing approached us about coming down to the incredible Los Suenos Resort to stage an editorial photo shoot for a national publication. Earlier this month my assistant Diana and I traveled to Costa Rica with an incredible team of Connecticut talent. My BFF Carla Ten Eyck and her studio joined us, along with the amazing Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore, my creative soul mate Tony of Datura: A Modern Garden, the extremely talented duo at Buzz Media, Mike and Erica, and the fashionable DD Nickel.

What’s better than having the opportunity to jetted off to Costa Rica and pull together a photo shoot for the incredible travel website, Being able to do it with your friends, of course!

Among our travels we came up with loving nicknames for one another… so before I can show you the behind the scenes, may I introduce our crew:

Gramma NUT AKA the beautiful Carla Ten Eyck

Easy E, AKA Erik Maziarz

Carl Lewis AKA Greg Lewis

Poop Shoe AKA Sara Code-Kroll

Mix Honey Dew with Yoga Buns = Honey Buns, AKA Rebecca Hales

Tony Youngblood AKA Tony Palmieri

Dirty Diana AKA Diana Chounaird

Beth and Mark… AKA… Beth and Daddy

Susie Q AKA Susannah

DD Bananas AKA DD Nickel

Erica from Buzz Media

Mad Mike AKA Mike Cyr of Buzz Media

More to come! xo

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