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May 15, 2010

Costa Rica: Behind the Scenes — Shoot Two!

In case you haven’t been following along, you can check out our behind the scenes post number one , two, and three for more information on who, what when and where. These pictures are  compilation of talent that makes up the Carla Ten Eyck team. We put together these amazing editorial shoots for our friends at, who are THE people in Costa Rica for luxury property rental, vacations, and destination weddings. Another big shout out to our set up crew on day two Diana, Tony, Susannah and Mark for all your hard work. You guys made this shoot more amazing than the first!!!

After our epic beach shoot at Playa Hermosa with our loving couple, Michelle and Alejandro, we woke up the next morning and decided to do it all over again! These shoots are a lot of work– especially when you do them outside the comforts of your own territory. In between shoots, we also had to be fully functioning businesses.

Tony and I worked on our laptops every day, getting back to clients and vendors in between the commotion. Good thing we set up the office in the bar!

Here you can spy Erik and Greg working hard, too!

During our scouting session, we decided our rain forest shoot would be at a small village / hotel community at the base of a large mountain, overlooking the ocean and waterfalls of the rain forest. This small village, I believe, was transported to Costa Rica from a Spanish country. It had a GORGEOUS chapel and amazing rain forest views. It was perfect.

So, we set up our tablescape right in the water. It.was.amazing! And totally on the fly. To be honest, Tony and I didn’t have much of a plan… but we worked together to put together something amazing with the natural elements around us. Working with Diana and Susannah, the four of us came up with a lot of awesome ideas on the spot! We wove leaves together to create a natural linen and used lots of growing vines that Tony cut down from the surrounding vegetation. The flowers? We cut them out of the rain forest ourselves!

Here is Tony rigging up something amazing for the back of the chair.

We got the idea to wet down the table which took it to a whole new level!

Meanwhile…. while we were setting up, the rest of our team was getting ready. Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore styled all our models for day two, and DD Nickel did hair and makeup. Here is our maid, Katelyn, getting the finishing touches by DD!

While we were setting up in the rain forest the rest of our team, once ready, first it up Alejandro’s surf shop in downtown Jaco. It was absolutely amazing! Here is Beth in action styling Michelle!

And here is Carla micromanaging posing inside the surf shop… to be honest, Michelle was amazing and didn’t need much guidance!

After the surf shop, the team was reunited in the rain forest and we began shooting!!!!

Here is Diana and Sara putting the finishing touches on our tablescape prior to shooting.

Sara looking out for Katelyn’s hair as she takes some gorgeous shots of her in this beautiful yellow dress! Isn’t she stunning?

And here DD jumps in to help Katelyn out… it was REALLY hot… and REALLY humid!! I give her a lot of props for being up on that little skimpy rock in those Michael Kors wedges!

There were snakes, lizards, monkey’s and Toucan’s all over the place!

We moved over into the chapel to do some gorgeous bride and groom shots. Here Beth gets Michelle ready!

After, we headed back to our spot and did some incredible shots of the bride and groom! Here Carla sets up a shot in the water.

Here you can see Mike from Buzz Media shooting while we look on.

Erik getting all crazy in the water with his hat, looking like he should be on a safari!

Here we all our snuggling up to the back of Carla’s camera… well, everyone except Greg, who’s more interested in his own stuff!! Burn!

After our rain forest shoot, part of the team went up the top of the mountain to our new friends boutique hotel (opening soon). Victoria and Enrique were such gracious hosts– you MUST see what an amazing piece of property they have!! Enrique is an architect and built the beautiful 5 bedroom boutique hotel which overlooks the ocean and the rain forest. All the wood you see is hand carved and native to the area. The shots we got here? Absolutely and positively INSANE!!!! Thank you SO MUCH Victoria and Enrique!!!

Just a little taste. Wait until you see the amazing short clip from Buzz Media!

Well, that’s the end of our behind the scenes look at Costa Rica. We are dying to show you the images — soon! We want to thank all the vendors that participated in both of these amazing shoots: Stay in Costa Rica, Carla Ten Eyck Photography, Jubilee Events, The White Dress by the Shore, Datura: A Modern Garden, Buzz Media, DD Nickel, Gala Cloths, Eventos Boadicea, Posh Paperie, Paloma’s Nest, Zappos, Primele Calligraphy, Ben Amun, Riedel, kate’s paperie, and Larissa Banting for local referrals!


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