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July 21, 2012

David Fielden 2013 Collection Runway Show in Milan, Italy

Last month Diana and I had the opportunity to travel to Milan to see the David Fielden 2013 collection walk down the runway. The collection that David put together for 2013 was absolutely gorgeous– and largely inspired by the medieval period and Joan of Arc. As the models came down the runway, we could instantly see his inspiration in the gowns silhouettes, draping, and details. I especially loved the silver armor and chainmail veils! BRIDES wrote a wonderful write up of the David Fielden runway show, and it was such a pleasure to see and chat with Anne Fulenwider, Editor-in-Chief!

The details of the show, from BRIDES:

    Set to the dramatic sound of tolling bells and a Gregorian chant, David Fielden’s show started with a single gown, hidden behind giant curtains: still and holy. And with an almost theatrical turn, the models made their way down the brightly lit catwalk, with lights glowing beneath them to reveal the most delicate of details.

    Heavily influenced by the medieval heroine Joan of Arc, David combined soft peasant girl shapes and pretty plaits with noble details: fitted bodices, demure high necks, long and puffed sleeves.Full skirts of organza, damask and chiffon, paired with gentle panelling gave the edgy gowns a soft touch. And lace panelling, illusion backs and necklines a bit of delicate sex appeal.

    Known for his dramatic catwalks, we were surprised to see a very clean and otherwise sparse catwalk; David decided to abandon props, and instead dressed the runway with his glowing gowns. Closing with a dramatic trio of warrior brides, the finale dresses all featured armour-like shoulder pads, bodices and neck pieces, giving the show a very fierce, modern and strong feel. Florence and the Machine’s No Light, No Light set the tone for the final walk around, with a standing ovation for David Fielden and his edgy – but very beautiful – brides.

I was instagramming away, and here are some images captured during the show

Diana was on video duty and took this great video of the finale pieces from the show:

And if you want to see an official video (and peep Diana and I on the left hand side) check this out!

More inspiration from our Italia trip coming soon! XO

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