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November 10, 2020

Sexy, Edgy Modern Wedding Photoshoot at The Goodwin Hotel

Right before this pandemic put a halt on 2020’s celebrations, a passionate group of creatives got together to create a photoshoot inspired by things we all love: fashion, style, and, most importantly, love! Thank goodness, as the pure epicness of this modern wedding shoot has gotten us through the rest of this year so far! This really began when my best friend’s mom’s partner was looking for an edgy, female suit for her sister’s same-sex wedding. I had nowhere to turn to, and when asking my fashion guru, Beth Chapman from Beth Chapman Styling, she had one source based on the other side of the country.

That wouldn’t do, but it was like the stars aligned because Enzo from Valentino Tailors reached out to Beth, saying he was starting a new line of women’s suits. Gorgeous, well-fitting, sexy suits! Kismet!

We knew we had to create a styled design to showcase this new line! It was with this that we hit the ground running, cooking up a shoot that not only dove deep into an edgy vibe but celebrated love in its greatest form! The Goodwin Hotel is the perfect setup as it’s dripping with modern elements around every corner of this boutique hotel. A color palette of black, white, and gold not only complements the venue but creates the perfect setting for our couple to get immersed in. There was so much I cannot get enough of, still, that I’m going to note here for you to spot throughout this gorgeous collection of images:

Things I Adore About This Modern Wedding Photoshoot

  • The sheer ferocity of our brides
  • Sara Gabriel‘s custom “One Love” veil. Is there nothing this fashion magician can’t do?! I might be biased but I’d say this blew Hailey Bieber’s right out of the water!
  • That giant bow on Ines di Santo‘s gown. You can find her line at The White Dress by the Shore!
  • Our linen, which switches from black to gold with a literal swipe of a hand
  • The sleek back knot on our brunette babe created by Catie Bane. This is how I style myself when I’m going for the “casual” vibe.
  • The Goodwin Hotel — those blue armchairs, that wallpaper, the historical brick structure right in downtown…!
  • The gorgeous black and marble wedding cake by Sugar Therapy
  • Every creative involved in this shoot!!

I invite you to look through and create your own list of things you adore!! XO

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credit reel

Photography: Carla Ten Eyck
Venue: The Goodwin Hotel
Planning + Design: Jubilee Events
Fashion + Styling: Beth Chapman Styling from The White Dress by the Shore
Flowers: Persephone Floral
Beauty: Catie Bane
Suit Designer: Valentino Tailors
Veil: Sara Gabriel Designs
Dress: Ines di Santo
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Jenny Yoo + Hayley Paige
Cake: Sugar Therapy
Rentals: PEAK Event Services
Linens: Nuage Designs

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