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April 18, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Rain!

Let’s face it–at this point of the year, I’m sure the majority of New England is tired of the wet weather, may it be snow or rain. I can tell you I’ve been getting a little cranky from my Yankees suffering rain delays, but that’s what happens when we transition from winter into spring. We are all craving the sun and its warmth on our faces… We can’t wait to prance around in flip flops and the pretty sun dresses we all stow away each winter. I watch the news everyday with hopeful anticipation that the temperature will be nearing the 50s or 60s… dare I say 70s?

However, I take a step back and realize that rain can provide us with a hint of fun, maybe even excitement. No, I’m not suffering from cabin fever; I’m just finding the artistic side of Mother Nature. It has been a ongoing joke throughout the creative photo shoots we have put together that our time has come to an end when the rain begins. Rain has snuck up on us during our time in New Orleans and Costa Rica–both trips, as well as a few other adventures. At the moment you’re thinking about all the things you have to scramble and salvage, but when all is said and done and you take a look at those images, you see the extraordinary beauty underlined by those fallen drops.

So today I feel inspired by the rain. Join me with your stylish rain boots and enjoy this warm weather that is right around the corner!



Photos above courtesy of: Carla Ten Eyck Photography, Orange Girl Photographs, and IQ Videography

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