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November 28, 2012

What’s in My Closet Featuring Steve Depino of Steve Depino Photography


Today we take a departure from Christian Louboutins, vintage furs and beauty secrets to take a walk through my good friend Steve Depino of Steve Depino Photography‘s closet. Steve is a fashion / event / wedding photographer in New York and Connecticut. In addition to weddings, Steve’s had the opportunity over the past 10 years to shoot celebrities, concerts and major sporting events (did you know he went to the Super Bowl?).  With a firm background in art and illustration, Steve is not only a photographer but directs commercials and short films, paints and draws.

If you know Steve than you know that he is almost always well-dressed. He’s got a classic “American” style with a mix of ruggedness and a shoreline (see: Guilford, his hometown) twist. Steve’s go to brands include J.Crew, Vince, and Homage t-shirts. He describes his style as a mixture of artsy and preppy style– a bit New England and a touch of New York– which really is his personality. The one thing I admire about Steve’s style is he is consistent in just about everything he does visually– from the way he dresses, to the decor in his house, and importantly, the way he practices his art– everything has a continuous coloring, vibe and feel. You can definitely say he is confident in his style! You can find Steve shopping at stores like Barneys and Gilt, among the other brands that he really loves (his gilt groupe shopping habits may boarder on obsession!).

As Steve explains: “When buying clothes I love quality items. I find its smart to go to stores that specializes in whatever your buying. It’s not always the most cost efficient way to shop, but they will educate you on what you are buying so you can look for quality if you have to shop else were. I have found that there are quite a few online discount sites that run daily specials on high end clothing for all types of people. I am a huge fan of both (name brand mens, women and kids clothing) and (high end outdoor clothing and gear). They both offer name brands at huge discounts.”

Steve opened up his closet to share with us some of his favorite pieces– guys, take notice! Steve finds most of his style inspiration when it comes to fashion from GQ and Esquire magazine (they make guys look good for a living, so how could they be wrong?).

Steve consider’s himself a bit a shoe hoarder. He likes having the right shoes for the right job and look, and therefore, he’s collected quite a few pairs over the years. Once, he had a professor in college tell him that… “you tell what type of person someone is by the type of shoes they wear.” He’s taken that to heart, and literally has about 25 pairs of shoes in his closet.

“I clearly have a obsession with J.crew shirts. I’m on a first name basis with employes there because I’m in there so much. I like them because the shirts are flexible in that I can wear them doing everyday day activities and dress them up with a jacket and tie when going out. The J. Crew Slim fit cut just fits my body type well.” In addition to j.crew slim fits, Steve considers himself a detail guy, so he tends to wear bracelets, colored shoe laces, pocket squares and cloth lapel flowers. Since his wardrobe is pretty monotone, he adds a bit of color with these kinds of accessories!

Thanks Steve for opening up your closet and sharing with our readers your sense of fashion! XO!

for more from Steve, be sure to follow him on facebook | instagram | twitter

  1. Corey says:

    Nice layout steve, simple is always the best with a few extras.. I can dig it man..

  2. Paul says:

    Love it! Now the pressure is on:)

  3. eric says:

    i know i haven’t been invited officially yet to the next installment of what’s in my closet this post reminds me i need to wash my bob’s stores wranglers and think of a cool way to photograph my new aqua shoes. oh, and do you know how to get rid of deodorant stains from old white under shirts?

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