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March 14, 2010

An American Girl in Paris!

I admit, it’s a tad cliché, but I couldn’t resist! I am so excited to be flying off to Paris to take part in an amazing workshop put together by two of my very good friends, Robert and Kathleen Trenske. Their Taking Off Seminar is an incredible opportunity for fellow photographers to travel with Rob and Kathleen to a unique location, where they will teach a variety of different topics, and also provide an amazing photoshoot. When Rob and Kathleen asked me to be a part of kicking off this workshop I felt so honored.. and never imagined that I would be able to go to Paris!!

I’ve been collaborating with my good friend Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore on the look and feel of our shoot. I can’t wait to share! Beth will be traveling with us too… wait until you see the amazing fashions she has pulled. Kim Petyt from Parisian Events has been helping us pull together all the local details for this workshop… which we seriously can’t wait to share! There are also some incredible paper details being created AS WE SPEAK (!) from our dear, dear friends at Posh Paperie. For now, here is a preview of our parisian inspired board:

This will be my first time in Paris. I’ve dusted off my passport, finished unpacking from New Orleans (don’t judge me… I’m a busy girl!), and started exercising again so I can eat croissants and macarons. I’m really only there for a few short days, but would LOVE to hear your advice on the one thing I absolutely MUST do while in Paris. Leave a comment below!


  1. Girl!! This board looks AMAZING!! I know Rob and Kathleen will totally knock this workshop out of the park!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!

  2. I’m so excited to work on this with you guys- and can’t wait to finally meet you in person! My favorite “must do” in Paris? Champagne and macarons at Bar Ladurée, of course! A bientôt!

  3. Annie says: (if you like Steak that is) It’s a FABULOUS place that ONLY serves steaks frites with lovely wines and my husband and I ate there 2 times while in Paris for only 5 days:)

    I am somehow shocked that this will be your first time in Paris, and am starting to think that you are going to fall in love with it!
    Have a great time, I’ll be looking for pics when you get back just like I waited for you to get back from New Orleans and I waited for Robert and Kathleen to come back from CA.

    Have a great time!

  4. Anna Sawin says:

    Oh, that board knocks it out of the park! I’m dreaming of Paris in springtime. Can’t wait to see the results of this adventure.

  5. Walk down Champs-Elysee well after midnight–so much life there! And, of course, eat some crepes from a street vendor!

  6. April says:

    I am trying my hardest not to be totally jealous! I know you are going to rock this shoot and I can’t wait to see the results!

  7. joylyn says:

    YOU MUST rent a bike and go all over… SOOO FUN!

  8. Candice we are beyond THRILLED that you are coming and we are so excited with all of the amazing talent we have helping to make this possible. And PS we are ALL about the crepes so we will have to get you to have at least 1!! :)

  9. And by the way Annie is TOTALLY right, is a really incredible place, we have been twice and the steak and fries and the gravy…. DELICIOUS!!!!

  10. Allison Grazia says:

    I agree with Kim of Parisian Party… Ladurée is fabulous! I still have an empty box of truffles I saved from when I went there as a kid!!

  11. Candice says:

    Thanks EVERYONE for your recommendations and enthusiasm. I have everything safely noted in my evernote and can’t WAIT to try and do it all!!!!

  12. Robin Dini says:

    this looks absolutely incredible. The board will not even do it justice I’m sure…you are going to do some amazing things out there and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Have an amazing time. Be careful. Shop. Be a little Rachel Zoe out there and buy some couture. ;)

  13. Matthieu says:


    I do not know you but I will be at the right place next week in Paris:-) I met Rob & Kathleen next year… Be ready to fall in love with Paris!
    And with the enthusiasm and the energy of Rob & Kathleen, I am sure that this will be totally crazy, fun, unbelievable and amazing!

    Matthieu Vanhille, a french wedding photographer based in Lille, France ;-)

  14. Thank you so much Matthieu for all the kind words about Kathleen and I, we can’t wait to see you next week and are so glad you are coming and we are excited to see you again!! :)

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