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June 25, 2008

Top Ten Registry Shops: Macys

I wanted to share with you all some of my top stores to register for your bridal shower and wedding. This will be a running blog series of Connecticut and online based stores that you should consider. I want to do an in-depth look at the stores themselves, what they have to offer, who to contact, and what you should expect. I’ve visited these stores personally and I’ve spoken to the registry experts to ensure that you can maximize your experience!

When you register, be sure to bring along your mother, grandmother, maid of honor, or close girlfriends. Having an interested family member or friend around can help you in selecting items you wouldn’t think of or they can point you in the right direction. I’m also available to my clients to assist in registering. But don’t invite too many opinions or it could be chaos! Be sure to allot yourself a significant amount of time – this isn’t a quick “in and out” shopping trip. Take your time and enjoy the process!

My first pick is Macys Department Store. I’m sure you’re all familiar with this renowned shopping Mecca, but you may not realize all the benefits of registering at Macys.

First and foremost, I want to talk about the process of registering at Macy’s and which stores you should consider visiting. There are a variety around the state, but I’ve chosen these three because there is a great selection to choose from, the items are displayed beautifully, and the store appearance and service is impeccable. My top picks in order are:

1.) Connecticut Post Mall – They just recently redid the interior and all I have to say is: WOW! I never knew a Macy’s could be even more beautiful and inviting! Their selection of china is impressive, with every china pattern imaginable available. From Kate Spade, to Lennox, Wedgewood, to Vera Wang they have it all. Plus, they’ve devoted an entire floor to their home section!

2.) West Farms Mall — This Macy’s is equally as impressive, just not newly renovated. But they do have an impeccable selection of top designer registry items and an equally impressive selection of affordable items. They also have a furniture store where you can register for that beautiful buffet or leather club chair you’ve been eyeing!

3.) Danbury Fair Mall – This Macys is also beautiful and has a wide variety of items to select. They too have a furniture store.

When you arrive at Macy’s to register you are greeted by one of their registry experts. These experts have been educated on all the products that Macy’s sells and they are there to assist you and answer any questions that you may have. They will enter your information into their computer system and talk to you about the benefits of registering at Macy’s. Traditionally, Macy’s has offered “perks” to their customers who register, such as 10% off all registry items that were not purchased, free items if certain big ticket items are purchased (such as pots & pan sets, china sets, knife sets), and double rewards points on your Macy’s card. The registry expert will give you a variety of promotional material to look over, a “check list” (although I recommend you bring your own or if you are my client, the one I provide you) and your scanner, which you’ll use to scan the items that you would like to register for. Resist the urge to scan erratically, feverishly and obsessively (trust me, you will experience this phenomenon!). Make sure that the items you scan are items that you truly want. Also be sure to include items that range in a variety of price points so your guests can choose a gift that they can afford.

Once your information is complete in their system, they like to give you a tour of their home department and can help you shop for each item you’re interested in. If you’d prefer to privately register and shop, you should speak up and let the assistant know that and if a question arises you’ll look for her. Remember, they are there to help and are a well full of information.

What I love best about Macy’s is it is truly a one stop shop. For the kitchen you have dinnerware and entertaining items (china, everyday, glasses, barware, platters, serving utensils, crystal, vases… the list goes on!), cookware and bakeware, kitchen gadgets and necessities, top quality knives and sets, and a wide selection of kitchen electronics. Be sure to check out Martha Stewart’s new collection of everyday dinnerware. They are timeless and beautiful! For the bedroom they have a wide variety of designers and bedding assembles to choose from. You can select individual pieces, mix and match, or do a traditional “bed in a bag.” Be sure to register for two bedroom sets – one fall/winter and one spring/summer! You can also outfit your entire bathroom – from the shower curtain to the soap dispenser Macy’s offers it all. They also have luggage and furniture (at select stores).

Another benefit is your family and friends can view your registry online and make purchases online. You can also manage your registry straight from your desktop, adding and deleting items at will.

  1. michelle smith says:

    Do you like Crate & Barrel, Target or Kohls?
    They have some good things along with cheaper prices. I think we should all register evey ten years and throw our girlfriends a shower.

  2. Candice says:

    Hi Michelle!

    Yes, I love Crate & Barrel and Target (I’ve never shopped at Kohls). Crate & Barrel and Target are both in my “must register” list of stores. I’ll blog about those soon.

    And I agree with you about registering every ten years, LOL!

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  4. […] June I began a series entitled Top Ten Registry Shops, which focuses on Connecticut based stores that are perfect picks for your registry. Last time we […]

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