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May 11, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Photo Shoot

“There is something magnificent in having a country to love.”  One of our favorite photographers, the fabulous Carla Ten Eyck decided she wanted to do a photoshoot inspired by Cinco de Mayo and the Day of the Dead tradition.  She was inspired because not very often do you see an abundance of color in wedding shoots, so we decided to mix it up a bit.  I had the absolute privilege to work with Carla that day, as well as Tony Palmieri of Datura, A Modern Garden.  Honestly, you have no idea how crazy talented and incredible Carla and Tony are.  With every shoot they blow my mind with all the creativity they come up with! 

Carla and her dad had A TON of goodies from Mexico–from masks to cards to flags.  We also added a great touch with some sugar skulls–for the Day of the Dead tradition, family members eat these sugar skulls as a sign of life and longevity in remembrance of their loved ones.   Add our models, Alicia and Carlos and it was pure magic!  


Of course we had help from our good friend, Beth Chapman from The White Dress by the Shore!  She picked out a dress that was PERFECT for this atmosphere–she really has an incredible eye!!

The color on this altar was fantastic!!  Like Carla was aiming for– lots of fresh and exciting color!  Even with the most simple details, Tony can still create such masterpieces!!

While this shoot was something more personal and fun, it still gave us so many great ideas and worked our creativity just as every shoot does.  As always, I cannot wait for the next one… Maybe more personally inspired shoots to come!!!



  1. April says:

    Amazing job, as always :)

  2. Diana- you are always such a joy to be around on the day of a shoot- which only makes my job easier! If you can call it a job ;)


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